Dean Fowler

General Manager

I have been working at R&G Fresh Herbs since July 2009. My career has always been within produce, but more around horticulture and flower supply to supermarkets. My role here covers a huge remit as you might expect, everything from individual customer queries to main tender negotiations.

During my day I thrive on the unexpected. As within any fresh produce category, things have a tendency to spring up when you least expect them.

I guess an interesting fact about me would be after dabbling at racing motorbikes for a few years, I have now realised that fitness is important, so triathlons and marathon running takes up most of my spare time.

I can’t just pick one favourite herb as I have two: lemongrass and coriander. I love Thai food, which generally has both of these core flavours. If pushed, I would say a good Thai green curry would be my personal favourite – plus it’s the only recipe I can make better than my partner.