Case Studies

Carbon footprint challenge

A carbon footprint measures the impact of our actions on the environment – a chief symptom of climate change. R&G is committed to low impact environmental activity and has actively pursued a strategy of reducing its carbon footprint by 25%.

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Giving nature a nudge

Herbs are beautiful, edible plants that offer a mouth watering spectrum of aromas and flavours. At R&G there’s a tremendous amount of ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes into making sure the company delivers a consistently high quality product that stays fresher for longer, without compromising on taste, texture or appearance.

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UK growing initiative

R&G is committed to UK farming. Seasonality means importation is still essential during the colder months, but as part of a co-operative of local growers, the company has increased its land assets to include a 50-acre plot at Millets Farm in Oxfordshire.

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