D.D.P. is renowned for supplying the highest quality fresh fruit and vegetables from the UK and around the world. It’s thanks to supplier partnerships with well-established firms like R&G that enables D.D.P. to provide such a high quality service. The fresh produce industry is unpredictable; prices change daily, growing seasons are hard to predict, but class is permanent and R&G has shown again and again, over the course of a 20-year trading relationship, that it will go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.
Paul Grimshaw
D.D.P. Limited
Before partnering up with R&G the biggest issue for our customers was the quality of fresh delicate herbs, but now our herbs have become a source of nothing but compliments. The inclusion of the Nature’s Flavours range has improved our overall customer experience and made the struggle for fresh herbs a thing of the past.
Luke Grob
Operations Manager
Hello Fresh
Allison Risebro is one of London’s leading fresh produce suppliers. We are pleased to include schools, hospitals, restaurants and foodservice companies amongst our many customers. We have been a longstanding customer of R&G’s for more than 20 years. Like R&G we’re a family-run business that prides itself on the quality of produce we supply to our customers. R&G has always been responsive and supportive to the ever-changing needs of our business, supplying fresh cut herbs of the highest quality. We would certainly recommend R&G as a fresh cut herb supplier, they offer good value and great customer service.
Duncan Allison
Business Development Manager
Allison Risebro