Strong smelling and with an unmistakeable fresh citrus taste, this once-exotic herb is now a mainstay across a wide range of cuisines.

Coriander (Coriandrum sativum)

buy real Misoprostol Native to Southern Europe and the Middle East, coriander is now grown worldwide – including on-site at R&G nurseries. Coriander remains one of R&G’s most popular products due to the herb’s diversity across a wide spectrum of cuisines. The leafy, strong smelling herb, is a slender, solid stemmed plant, growing up to 60cm tall.

go to link Coriander offers a distinctive, slightly sweet and aromatic aroma with a fresh, citrus taste. The leaves and shoots are often used as a garnish, while the berries (which when dried are called coriander seeds), are used as a popular flavour enhancer in cuisines as diverse as Mexican, Indian and Chinese.

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Coriander is used generously, especially in curries. Fortunately, coriander retains freshness and flavour even when frozen – minimising any waste.