Curly Parsley

With a mild and fresh aroma, curly parsley is a universal garnish, popular across a wide spectrum of dishes and cuisines.

Curly Parsley (Petroselinum crispum)

With its roots firmly embedded in the warmer climates of the Southern Mediterranean, curly parsley is now grown seasonally all across Europe, including R&G’s Lucas Green Nurseries.

Featuring classic rosettes of tightly curled, rich green leaflets, curly parsley has traditionally been used in roulades of soft cheese, added to pasta and meat dishes, or chopped finely and sprinkled as a garnish.

Offering a crisp, clean flavour, the curly variety of one of the world’s most popular herbs is an in-demand ingredient amongst chefs and caterers, thanks to its unique and distinctive flavour.

Top Tip!
Try adding curly parsley to salads and dressings. The high chlorophyll content provides greater colour adding a visual vibrancy to many dishes.