This fast-growing and hugely popular herb is known for its trademark scent and flavour, with a universal culinary appeal.

Mint (Mentha spicata)

Possibly one of the world’s most common and loved herbs, mint cultivation has been documented as far back as records go, being known as the ‘herb of hospitality’ in Greek mythology. With its use spreading from medicinal and cosmetic (it was used as a teeth whitener in the Middle Ages), it has become a household kitchen ingredient. R&G grows the robust Moroccan variety, featuring hardened stems that prolong shelf life.

Před 1mi týdny jsem zvracela a měla průjem, zvracela. Budeme rádi, když nám dáte vědět, jak se vám sbazar líbí a co bychom mohli ještě vyladit. Léčba erektilní dysfunkce, pod kterou rozumíme neschopnost dosáhnout nebo udržet erekci dostatečnou k vlastnilekarna umožnění pohlavního styku.

Mint is a near universal herb used in sauces, accompanying meat and vegetable dishes and even salads.

Top Tip!
Try adding freshly crushed mint leaves to butter. It can be then used as delicious addition to cooking fish or potatoes and can be frozen to use at a later date.