R&G ensures its finest fresh cut herbs reach customers in peak condition, packed full of flavour and vitality. All R&G herbs are packaged in micro-perforated bags, which prolongs shelf-life and helps maintain taste and appearance in the most natural way possible.

R&G was the UK’s first fresh produce supplier to use micro-perforated packaging for herbs. In 2003, charged by their retail customer to reduce in store wastage, R&G collaborated with Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association and their packing supplier to develop micro-perforated packaging for ambient storage. This packaging system works because the atmosphere within the bags is modified passively, that is, using the herb’s own respiration to help to obtain the ideal gas balance within the bag. This then reduces the herbs’ metabolism, which in turn helps them to stay fresher for longer. As all herbs respire at different rates, R&G has tailored the packaging specifically to each herb type. This therefore means that each individual herb line has its own specific packaging design in order to create the ideal atmosphere for storage.