R&G leads the way with product innovation

R&G have an excellent reputation in the fresh produce industry for growing and supplying the finest quality fresh cut herbs. A contributing factor to the success of the company is to champion a forward-thinking culture both internally and with suppliers.

As western markets consumers’ preconceptions begin to change on how vegetables should look, R&G have been working closely with Cypriot grower Alion Vegetables and Fruit Co. to produce a rather unique, square aubergine.

Recently a major supermarket retailer invited R&G to attend an innovations exhibit at one of their depots. R&G’s General Manager Dean Fowler, Research and Development Manager Dr Laura Jackson, and Technical Manager Amjad Hussain went along to showcase the new aubergine concept that R&G had been developing.

Dean Fowler commented, “When people talk about aubergines they often have the larger variety in mind. A smaller, square version is very attractive to our customers as they can be transported cost effectively and utilised more efficiently by the end user. We were extremely pleased by the positive feedback received from the retailer”

Dr Laura Jackson also added, “We are always looking at innovative ways to improve our products at R&G and this is one of many exciting projects we are currently working on. The positive interest in the aubergines is a direct result of the great working relationships we have with our suppliers.”