This strong woody herb is popular in stuffings and roasted dishes, and its hardy growing nature has made it hugely popular in herb gardens.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Known for its ease of growing, the herb was often nicknamed ‘dew of the sea’ because it can be grown in very dry conditions, needing only the humidity of the sea to survive.

Rosemary’s evergreen, needle-like, vitamin-rich leaves are highly scented, especially when freshly ground and then added to stews and roasts. Rosemary sprigs work very well on barbecues as the leaves give off an aromatic scent and flavour.

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The flowers make a tasty addition to deserts and even sprinkled over ice cream.

Top Tip!
Add finely chopped fresh rosemary, along with grated lemon zest just before serving a stew, for an explosion of flavour and aroma.