An ancient herb that boasts a strong peppery flavour, adding a vital ingredient to meat and poultry seasoning.

Sage (Salvia officinalis)

Native to the Mediterranean, but now widely cultivated, sage is actually a member of the mint family. A robust, sturdy plant featuring annual, biennial and perennial varieties, sage benefits from attractive foliage with silvery green leaves that produce a powerful, slightly medicinal aroma.

Using fresh leaves, whole or chopped, sage is added to stuffings, poultry, sausages, casseroles and stews. It’s also used with meat – especially calves liver, fish and in tomato-based sauces and cheese dishes.

Top Tip!
Sage is well known for its medicinal, antiseptic properties. Sage tea is used as a gargle for sore throats and is excellent for treating mouth ulcers and colds.