Scotch Bonnet Chillies

The undisputed heavyweight champion of fiery flavours, the Scotch Bonnet is the king of chilli peppers.

The most widely used pepper in Caribbean cuisine; the Scotch Bonnet got its name from the chilli resembling the Scottish Tom O’Shanter hat. Fiery food fans consider it to be one the tastiest hot peppers and with a range of 100,00-350,000 Scoville Units it certainly packs a zinger of a punch.

Closely related to the habanero chilli, the Scotch Bonnet has a sweeter taste, with a hint of tomato and is a vital ingredient in Caribbean ‘jerk’ dishes, spicy casseroles and a wide array of chilli condiments.

Top Tip!
To manage the intense flavour, use the peppers whole, not exposing the seeds to the other ingredients, then scoop out prior to serving.