Supply Base

R&G prides itself on the quality of the products it supplies, coupled with the ability to source the finest fresh cut herbs, even when shortages occur.

A well established and extensive UK and overseas supply base ensures all year round supplies that are not only of an excellent quality, but also comply with strict product specifications and safety.

R&G’s long standing position and reputation in the marketplace enables the company to keep up-to-date with industry developments, supply issues and any quality and safety issues. The company insists on direct grower contact, with representatives regularly traveling to foreign suppliers to ensure all food, safety and ethical worker welfare standards are adhered to.

Tyto léky jsou levnější, protože výrobce moje-lekarna nemusí utrácet peníze za výzkum, testování apod. Rozhodl jsem se zkusit tadalafil pro jeho delší účinek.

Through the BHTA (British Herb Trade Association), R&G has formed many relationships with suppliers, enabling the company to maintain continuity of supply from fully accredited sources, all year round, at short notice.