UK growing initiative

R&G is committed to UK farming. Seasonality means importation is still essential during the colder months, but as part of a co-operative of local growers, the company has increased its land assets to include a 50-acre plot at Millets Farm in Oxfordshire.

During the summer season, a bumper yield of curly and flat parsley, coriander, mint, oregano and thyme ensures thousands of kilos of fresh produce are harvested regularly – ready to be distributed to customers eager to enjoy locally grown herbs.

The good news is there’s even more quality fresh cut herbs on the menu. ‘This year we’re also growing sage, rosemary and chives in the UK,’ explained Dean Fowler, R&G’s General Manager.

Expanding the company’s UK farming initiative is a key strategy for R&G. ‘We’re committed to nurturing and developing as much British grown produce as possible. It’s better for the environment through carbon footprint reduction, it’s better for the domestic economy and it makes sound commercial sense for our business,’ added Dean.

As customer demand for British grown produce increases sharply, the company finds itself literally pushing the boundaries of farmed land. ‘We have an opportunity to expand our acreage allocation at Millets Farm and all being well we plan to continue our domestic farming strategy for years to come,’ concluded Dean.